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The Disco Duckies are in here right now!


You earn 1 Jing for every minute you watch!

!menuSpend your Jing!
!gambleLose Jing for no reason!
!heistStart a Jing Heist!
!slotsTake a spin!
And more!Use this link to buy them!


We have a TON (well, 25 give or take) of animation/clips I've put together to scare/annoy/spook me on stream.

Some of them are: !another, !bald, !batman, !clem, !doit, !english, !fire, !grofit, !help, !honk, !hype, !laugh, !mah, !quack, !rigged and !shame

To make these purchases, use THIS LINK!
Name Description
Compliment 70s will give you a random compliment!
Shout Out Have 70s read out whatever you type, within reason of course.
Upside Down Flip the stream upsidedown for 1 min!
Make it Rain Be the hero everyone needs...
Custom Greeting Get yerself a bot greeting!

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