Smol Biography

I decided to start streaming mainly as a way to not seem crazy when I talk to myself while playing games. It turns out there's a ton of great people that I have met, and I'd love to meet you too! Come say hi, play some Warframe with us or just hang out!

As for my background; I'm a child of the 70s - I grew up with Magnavox, Commodore and Atari. Occasionally I program, I've published one terrible iPhone game and I used to be able to sightread for Clarinet. I might still be able to, I haven't tried in years. So maybe not.

I've been married for 25 years, and my daughter is married and in college! So proud!

I'm a certified Open Water SCUBA diver (I do need to re-cert though), have played far too many MMOs, and am a sucker for pirate related stuff. Yo ho scallywag pirates, not real ones.

And it keeps coming up, so I'll mention it here - yes, I'm from the 70s, but I lived THROUGH the 80s, 90s, 2000s etc. I was a little kid in the 70s. Hah! Yes I like 80s music and movies too! I'm not a time traveler!

Also, just so that I don't lose the date, I am considering when I started streaming (my streamerversary as it were) as 10/15/16. That's the first entry on the channel here where I said I've been streaming for a day. Plus it just rolls off the tongue. Ten Fifteen Sixteen.

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